Calley never heard the word yoga growing up in her small village of Ridgefield Park, New Jersey. No one had! While briefly teaching art at an alternative high school, Calley signed up for the yoga class, and soon was spellbound. Within five weeks, she had five teachers and a daily practice that has continued to this day. At first, her practice was traditional, with lots of effort to perform the poses perfectly. 

Over time, the stresses of life, childhood injuries, endless striving, a difficult divorce, and years of professional stonework/landscaping came to a head. Then, her back 'went out' ~ excruciatingly out, and her joints began to hurt. The pain moved around for more than 20 years but rarely left her lower back.  

Seeking help to relieve her pain through yoga, nutrition, alternative medicine, acupuncture, massage, 13 chiropractors, and an osteopath, her pain lessened but never left. Every move she made had to be conscious. Finally, Calley resolved herself to a life of pain.

Thankfully, that's history now.

Her 14th chiropractor, Dr. Rhody Edwards, changed everything. He revealed her spinal condition through standing X-rays which he had meticulously marked up. Through Rhody’s diagnosis and weekly adjustments, Calley developed a highly effective practice based on her actual spinal needs. Studying a diverse variety of disciplines, including neuroscience and cellular biology, she integrated a daily slow flow practice to reprogram her neural network through all day mantra, inner kindness, positive mind, breathwork, sensitivity, and movement. As a result, and to her and Rhody's amazement, Calley evolved out of pain. This, to her, is Grace.

Teaching yoga on the beach since 1997, Calley has helped over ten thousand people out of pain, stiffness, stress, negativity, and limiting programs. Beyond physical and emotional growth,  Calley incorporates teachings of the Hawaiian indigenous wisdom carriers into The Full Body Elixir practice, which continues to evolve, and becomes ever more joyful and effective.

Calley in 1997

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