“We do not see things as they are.  We see them as we are.”          

The Talmud 

1. OPEN YOUR MIND. Realizing and deeply accepting that change is possible, and evolution is inevitable is the most essential aspect of returning to clear vision. The human mind influences every cell in the body all the time. Our inner dialogue, the conversation that we live within about the world creates our life situation. What we think becomes who and how we are. The shift to a new way of seeing is not primarily has much more to do with your mind’s willingness to enter an expanded vision of your healing potential and life itself.

 Vision is a fluid, amazing, ever changing process, and the eyes yearn to and can rejuvenate and see. The retina is one of the most metabolically active places in the human body. The cells in the retina renew themselves with every glimmer of light. The retina uses 15% of the body's oxygen intake. Breathe deeply while you read this. 

Thousands upon thousands of people have dramatically improved their vision naturally, even after a significant loss in visual acuity. We tend to see what we believe, avoid at a cost what was uncomfortable in the past and limit our vision. Moment by moment, come to mindful presence, and let go of the past. It is inaccessible. Let go of the future. It is out of reach. Offer all you have ever heard or been taught to the great mystery of life, and open to NOW. Open to all that is possible and then even the impossible becomes yours to manifest.

Remember, there is no order of magnitude in miracles, and miracles happen every day. It is wonderful to know that healing your vision also helps sharpen your memory. The eyes and memory are inextricably linked ... memory accounts for much of what we can see. Become curious again.... what have your eyes been trying to tell and teach you? What do they really need? What is the cause of their difficulties? What is the deepest cause? 

In a recent medical study of over 100 healthy and vibrant centenarians conducted to ascertain how they got so old so beautifully, genetics was found to be just 2% of the reason. Yes, diet and exercise was found to be important, but far more critical was their ability to be positive, accepting and able to flow with change and loss.

 Ah, the power of the mind! Inquire within sincerely until you receive the answers to what is going on with your vision. Trust that the answers will come. They may be revealed in an unexpectedly creative a song, a book or a comment from a friend.

“Light created the eye as an organ with which to appreciate itself.”           Goethe
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