July 3 – 6, 2014
Breitenbush Hot Springs Retreat
Featuring The Full Body Elixir
 & The Five Tibetans Fountain of Youth

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Calley’s retreats are a concentrated time set aside for a joyous, energized integration of yoga, qigong, deep breathing, clear ideation and tapping. All together, it is a cellular meditation that practiced regularly shifts the patterns of thinking and recalibrates the body/mind to natural healing.  
A retreat can embed The Full Body Elixir into cellular memory so it can direct your mind toward the truth and your body toward radiant health, youthful vigor and energy.  

 As master teacher Charles Haanel, author of The Master Key System shared, “Our only task is to create harmony in the world within." Come practice the tools to do just that in an atmosphere of happiness, harmony, openness, strength and the wisdom of The Master Key System. It’s wonderful to bring your mate, your sister, brother or friend.

 Your hiking guide, Noa and his mom, teacher and conservation artist Calley O’Neill 

Calley O’Neill is an inspirational yoga teacher and visionary conservation artist in Hawai’i who has practiced yoga daily since 1975. She has studied with well-known yoga and qigong teachers with a focus in the Diamond Logos work. Calley has been teaching yoga and meditation on the coast since 1997, helping thousands of students out of stress and pain.
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Calley is teaching a Full Body Elixir Retreat at Breitenbush Hot Springs in Detroit, Oregon during the Fourth of July weekend. Breitenbush is one of Calley’s favorite places on Earth and surely one of the very best healing spots in the world.  

One feels completely different after hours of mineral hot springs soaking, cold plunges, hiking, massage, organic food, lots of delicious tea, drinking fresh alkaline mineral water, deep breathing and full morning practices of The Full Body Elixir.

Retreats offer great health and spiritual benefits. It is rare and beneficial to step aside from the 10,000 things and retreat to a more natural state of rest and renewal. It’s a good time to slow down your pace and practice what we all want in our lives everyday ~ health and love, joy and peace. There is a wonderful easy harmony, rest, clarity and naturally enlivened energy that surfaces from days of practicing yoga. The practice time gives your Spirit a space in which to surface and guide.

During your retreat you will eat pure, fresh, organic food that nourishes your cells; drink pure mineral rich water that hydrates your body and calms your nervous system, and practice pure love in a moving meditation. By clearing your head and open a new neural network, you begin to restore balance and clear your system of old toxins, tensions and patterns. There’s nothing better.

 In retreat, we practice The Full Body Elixir and The Five Tibetans each morning (a 3 hour rejuvenative moving meditation) with full attention and isometric engagement. No one ever felt that the 3 plus hours was too much. The time moves with us in effortless ease and flow. No doubt that now is a perfect time to be strong and powerful, aligning thinking with Being and your heart to love.

A Full Body Elixir retreat is for you even if you are stiff, overweight, stressed, in pain, think too much, or move too fast. Beginners are encouraged, although must speak with Calley prior to the retreat.

Create a retreat of your own for your family or circle of friends!

By request, Calley travels to teach private retreats at people’s homes and healing centers around the United States. Please join Calley for a retreat or create your own at home. Calley will be happy to create a retreat especially designed for your needs and that of your group or family. Calley will listen carefully to your needs and the needs of your group members to focus fully on what you want to let go of and what you want to heal and enhance in your life.