Create your own retreat and invite Calley and a dozen friends or family to where you live for your family reunion or getaway retreat. If you want to include Lucid Dreaming her son Noa Eads will come and teach. If you wish to include Mandala Drawing, Calley will bring all supplies and materials.
 Your hiking guide, Noa and his mom, teacher and conservation artist Calley O’Neill 
Calley O’Neill is an inspirational yoga teacher and visionary conservation artist in Hawai’i who has practiced yoga daily since 1975. She has studied with well-known yoga and qigong teachers with a focus in the Diamond Logos work. Calley has been teaching yoga and meditation on the coast since 1997, helping thousands of students out of stress and pain.

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Retreats offer impressive, effective physical, emotional and spiritual benefits. It is rare and highly beneficial to step away from the 10,000 things and retreat into a more natural state of clearing, rest and renewal of our health. It’s a good time to slow down, bring your pace into alignment with natural relaxation, and practice that which we all want in our lives everyday ~ health, love, joy and peace. There is a wonderful easy harmony, rest, clarity and naturally enlivened energy that surfaces from days of practicing yoga. The practice time gives your Spirit a space in which to surface and guide.​

During your retreat you will eat pure, fresh, organic food that nourishes your cells; drink pure mineral rich water that hydrates your body and calms your nervous system, and practice pure love in a moving meditation. By clearing your head and open a new neural network, you begin to restore balance and clear your system of old toxins, tensions and patterns. There’s nothing better.​

By request, Calley travels to teach private retreats at people’s homes and healing centers around the world. Please join Calley for a retreat at Breitenbush Hot Springs or on the Big Island, or create your own creative personal healing retreat. Calley will be happy to create a retreat especially designed for your needs and that of your group or family. Calley will listen carefully to your needs and wishes of your group to focus on what you want to let go of, and what you want to bring forth in your life.

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