"Of course we found you!  Our time with you is the highlight of our trip - we wouldn't miss it for anything!"

Frequent Visitors - May, 2013

When the editors of Big Island BEST Guidebook did their research, they found YOUR testimonials, so many in fact, that we were selected, hands down, as the Best Yoga Experience on the Big Island!  

Your comments, encouragement, and stories are always welcome, and we really appreciate your sharing them with us as well as your friends and family who are looking for yoga on the beach in Hawai'i.

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Calley, our whole family so enjoyed this practice and this is such a beautiful peaceful place.

I am a physiotherapist and work in a hospital in Munich with elders.

Your practice is very good for old people because of all that flowing movement, and that there are no movements where the head is down for a long period of time. Having their heads down in postures they hold can be very bad for old people. Also, you did not have any severe triangle or other poses, where their neck is strained. The flow is great for old people!  Especially older ones in Germany because there are so many people practicing yoga in Germany.

Thank you very much!

Angela, Bernd, Paula, Elsa
Munich, Germany
April 11, 2019
Thank you so much Calley. You are really good at what you do. You helped me so much, Calley. You are a very wise woman, and I can see that you have been through a lot. I will be at your Breitenbush Retreat next year indwell continue to visit and practice with you when we are on the Big Island.

Russian River, California

I LOVE THIS PRACTICE. This is wonderful. I feel so good and I am so happy I found you. I will be coming to your retreat next year. This is helping me so much! I want to learn to be kind to my body.

Bulgaria, Lost Angeles
Good morning, Calley!

I have been in love with your full body elixir since visiting your beautiful island and only 1 of your classes more than 10 years ago.

I have all your dvds and cds that were offered from several years ago. I have bought friends and family members your dvds as well over the years.   Is there anything now offered for just computer viewing when I don't have access to my own supplies/library?  

Thanks for all you do for us!

Connie Foss
Calley answers:  Yes, Connie.  We are working on that.  We'll make an announcement when the digital files are available.  Thanks for asking!

I love when planets align and the universe showers it's are such a gift! Meeting you on the plane, your classes on the beach were the highlight of my trip. It was fantastic to bring others in our group who also received the blessing. Using your practice, hearing your voice and continuing on .... Gratitude and Blessings, Calley
Melissa Perdue, Robbins Research Intl.


Hi Calley. Congratulations on these wonderful accomplishments! I stayed with my family at the Orchid on the Big Island in August 2006 -- so beautiful -- and that was the first and last time I ever took yoga. What could be more incredible than doing yoga by the ocean and hearing the sound of the water and your melodic voice as you are doing it??? Nothing could ever compare to that, so sadly for me, I never tried it again... playing lots of tennis instead, and although certainly not relaxing like yoga, I really love it.

Best regards -


My back felt so much better after my first class that I came back again.  
After the second class, my back felt much much better. I look forward to the Full Body Elixir DVD at home.


While I cannot do the regular static yoga stretches, this I could do, and it felt really good. Thank you so much!

While I am on the Big Island, the only time I would ever miss this class is if I were dead!!!  
2/15Aloha Calley,

I'm not sure if my previous email reached you so I'm resending it. Thanks again for the beautiful yoga class on the beach, and what a treat to see the ray swimming in the bay afterwards. My family and I had a fantastic time on the Big Island!

North Vancouver, BC


This class was wonderful. That was really a joyful experience. I feel so great!


When I got here this morning my neck and shoulders didn’t feel good at all, kind of an electrical sharpness. Now I feel so much better! Thank you for a wonderful class. That felt great!
Mike and Nicole
November 27, 2015


My neck and shoulders were so tight when I started and now I feel so much better. Just the idea of moving - of being on the floor more and moving everything ion a regular basis is such an inspiration. This is a new beginning for me.
December 2, 2015


Hi Calley, I am visiting here from Kamloops BC Canada. I am 53 years old and have chronic pelvic pain, which has taken me from a young strong, beautiful energetic girl to an skinny, tired aged person.

 I really feel a draw to your yoga practice and am thinking of attending tomorrow March 26th. Do you bring a DVD and book with you if I want to purchase or do I have to do that online. Also where exactly do we meet, I am staying in Waikoloa Colony Villas only about 5 minutes away. Your story about overcoming pain has really encouraged me and I know I found your add in a local book for a reason. Thank you for your time. 

Judy Caldow
That was amazing! I am an inch taller. 

That was wonderful…my neck feels much better and my range of motion has already increased!

Hi Calley! 

How are you? 

Funny you should email me. I actually ordered your DVD and meditation CD a few nights ago and am patiently awaiting for it to arrive in the mail. I am happy to say I am off of my one anti-depressant medication and trying so hard to continue to focus on me and the positive things you taught me in such a short period of time. God has a way of putting people together, if even for a short time.

You have touched my heart my dear friend and I will never forget the wonderful experience of meeting you and your kindness. Wow to come home and say I did yoga on the beach in Hawaii....pretty cool. I have suffered agoraphobia for a while and for me to even attempt joining a group of strangers was a huge step, but there's no such thing as irony or coincidence.

 PS My words are from my heart and you most certainly can share them on your website. 


New Egypt, NJ
June 6, 2014
Calley, hi

You may (or may not) remember.........but I vividly remember.........taking several yoga classes and meditations from you 15 whole years ago at The Orchid . I was with my husband, attending a medical conference. I was 50 at the time. All my friends were going running in the morning. I am not a runner, but I wanted some exercise, and I saw your yoga schedule.

I began doing some yoga (what was that?) when I was 18. I read some books, tried to make sense, and started a little private practice. I loved it. But, for some reason, when I was about 40, I stopped the practice. I guess I was so busy with kids, building a house, my full life, and stopping was a real mistake.

When I saw your yoga classes offered, I knew it was a call to return to what my body loved. I hardly knew about the mind and spirit part of it then. Calley, you returned that gift to me. Your nurturing, your inclusive style honoring everyone, brought me back.

That was 15 years ago, and I have been an active yogi these many years, through two hip replacement surgeries. My doctor was amazed at my recuperation, the speed of it and my continued strength. I am always the oldest person in my classes, and I feel proud of that. I do not have an elastic body, but it is fit, limber and my bone density tests just keep getting better.

I have learned how to meditate within the work, have refined skills to help me shrug off tensions and keep a positive attitude. Our family has many large health challenges...........husband with MS, granddaughter with MD...........and I know yoga helps keep me healthy, strong and grounded for me and them.

Please feel free to share my words. People should be aware of the powerful work you do. People pass through the resort, maybe never to be seen again, but know that the seeds of a healthy way to live are planted with your work.

Carla Adams
Minneapolis MN

Hi Calley,

How wonderful to hear from was you know what I was working on? A mandala!!! I am not sure if you remember me or not, but I took a course from you on the Big island. I enjoyed it so very much, and actually have my first mandala framed and hanging in my front foyer... it is a powerful reminder of you, your gentle and loving ways, as well as the lovely Big island , and our wonderful time there. I have taught the "mandala" to kids as far away as Canouan in the Caribbean a year ago in November. When I returned this year to visit my sister, I discovered the kids are still making them. ....and loving it

Hello from New York! 

Just a quick note to say how much I enjoyed meeting you and taking your yoga classes during my visit to the Big Island. We returned to NY yesterday and I tell everyone that my heart and soul are still out in the middle of the pacific. 

Please do add me to your mailing list. While I don’t know that I can join your conference in Oregon I certainly would like to stay in touch.

Aloha and Mahalo!

Date: May 30, 2011 at 2:30:13 PM HST

Dear Calley,

I am so happy to have a moment to sit down and say Hello.

I have been thinking of you so much since my return home. We have had dismal weather so it gives me all the more reason to look at our time in the Sun, recalling the highlights - and you my dear Friend are certainly at the top of my list!! *smiling*

I am so grateful for our meeting. Thank you for being. It think of the journey it took to arrive at the Fairmont to have the opportunity to meet you and it boggles my mind. For whatever reason, i have a feeling that our meeting was to serve a purpose. A purpose that has not been discovered yet :)  

Thank you for sharing so much of your spirit and experience with me Calley. I appreciate your passion and all that you have achieved in raising awareness about such important human and global issues.  

I will forward the pictures from my waking dream.


Date: January 14, 2010 at 7:14:35 PM HST

Hi Calley:  

A couple of years ago when we last visited the Big Island, you gave wonderful, memorable yoga classes. We are planning our next trip. Are you leading yoga classes there now? If so, we look forward to joining you again for what was a highlight of our last trip.

Best regards, Lynn and Pete 


Date: January 23, 2014 at 9:50:49 PM HST
To: Calley O'Neill <[email protected]>


"Calley is a living example of why her yoga classes are so beneficial, and her positive energy is infectious. I have had the pleasure of taking Calley's classes for many years, most recently at the Lava (can't remember exactly what it is called). On this most recent occasion I was experiencing an unexplained pain in my leg that had been persistent for several months. After the class I noticed that the pain had eased up, and as I continue to incorporate principles of Calley's teachings into my own practice, I am happy to report that the pain has completely disappeared. You could not find a more beautiful setting than Calley's special yoga spot, nor a more skilled yogi." Patricia Eyeford


Hi Calley,

You are very welcome. I miss you a lot! It was truly one of the best vacations I have ever had. And that is because of you. I wish you the best of luck with your elephant project. Will you have updates on your website? Take-Care.

XOXO, Toni


Subject: Feedback on Total Body Elixir
Date: April 11, 2010 at 9:04:34 PM HST

Dear Callie and organizers at Kanu O Ka Aina,
I am writing to thank you for the wonderful classes you have been offering.
I had some health challenges recently (pneumonia and 3 months later Bells Palsy) and started the classes just as I was recovering from the latter. The class has been the perfect support to my body, mind and spirit on this healing journey.

I have found that I am more present, more relaxed and more resourceful when dealing with any situation in my life. I feel that you have inspired me to be more in my body, treat it with more kindness and why that is so important (it really is a way to creating Peace and Harmony and Well-Being).
To the school I want to say mahalo, mahalo, mahalo for offering your beautiful campus, for offering free classes to the community and for attracting wonderful teachers like Callie!
I am grateful and wish you success and happiness,
With love and thanks from my heart,


Gilda Montenegro-Fix


feedback: Calley,
I was on vacation with my partner Terry in May as guests of his company everyday. I bought your Yoga DVD and do it daily - it has transformed my life and brought you into my home every day. I have shared it with my 29 year old daughter who suffered from an expected severe lupus Nephritis flare this summer and she tells me she is now using my copy daily and loving it. I have taken it with me to Budapest, and Tuscany and shared it with others as it is such a beautiful healing experience - especially for women. In fact we just returned from Italy.

Yours in Health and Wellness,


Date: February 1, 2014 at 9:45:04 AM HST

Hi Calley -
I want to thank you for the three wonderful yoga classes that I was able to experience with you while I was in Hawaii during the week of January 20, 2014.

I've not taken any yoga before and found your classes to be exactly what I needed. While I have been active and limber in my life, things change, things get stuck, and I needed a gentle way to ease away pain and to open up pathways both physically and mentally. The mere act of taking a class was a step in a shift that I wanted to create for myself. It was a way of honoring myself. You moved us through your blend of practices fluidly, gently and positively. I am so appreciative of your experience and nature. Thank you

I read about your yoga retreat at Breitenbush and would like more information about it, including the cost of course.

I hope you are having a fabulous day today. Thank you again.

Aloha and Mahalo from Canada
Date: October 15, 2013 at 11:35:09 AM HST

Hello Calley,

I am now back home in Canada and wanted to say how much I enjoyed meeting you and practicing yoga with you on the beach at the Lava Lava Beach club.

All in all this has been such a wonderful vacation on the Big Island. I was fortunate to be able to take some tours and to explore the Island by car with my family. These memories will be imbedded in my mind and heart for a very long time.

Thank you again for your beautiful words and loving gentle spirit, I am forever grateful and hope there will be a time somewhere in the future where we can meet once more.

Carolyn Paris (from Kamloops BC)

Hi Calley, 
Now that the dust has settled here and and work is mellowing out I wanted to say hi.....
It was great meeting and hanging out this summer after the workshop at Breitenbush! Wanted to thank you for your unique approach to yoga/meditation/Qigong. It has inspired me to take time and care for myself instead of rushing and always doing for others and being resentful. I am practicing daily now between home and classes at our local Ashram and hope to stay on the path. The daily yoga is the key to "one day at a time" and a good extension of 12 step for us as parents of one that struggles.

Hopefully will see you next year for another class!

Peace out, Lesa

ps can't wait to get your video


 would like to thank you for the most beautiful morning yoga session today, unfortunately I won't be able to take your class tomorrow but will try my best to see you again. I will email you our picture as soon as I am home and I have access to my computer.


 I discovered two places here in Austin which are trying to do work toward healthy eating, which I think is going to reach critical mass, I’m sure of it. Anyway, one of the businesses I’m looking into is called Timpone’s Market. Now, I know you are thousands of miles away and really have no reason to be interested in this, BUT, I just have felt the urge to share it with you for two reasons, 1) I think its encouraging to know things like this are happening and 2) it really was you who opened my mind to other ways of interacting with the earth than the western one dimensional way that I had become accustomed to, and your gentle influence that lead not only to this interest in fostering a wholesome, sustainable food enterprise, but most importantly to my son's healing, and really the entire family’s improved physical, mental, and emotional health. So, THANK YOU THANK YOU!!


Hi Calley
  You have been in my thoughts today as I go about my daily life - walking Daisy, watering the garden, re-connecting with my yoga practice. The retreat was very fulfilling and met every need in my body, mind and spirit. Thank you so much. 

  Here is a poem to the Divine Mother.

O' Divine Mother
May all my speech and idle talk be mantra
May all actions of my hands be mudra
May all eating and drinking be the offering of oblations unto thee
May all lying down be prostrations before thee
May all pleasures be as dedicating my entire self unto thee
May everything I do be taken as thy worship
O' Divine Mother.

So happy to hear from you Calley! Your yoga, attitude, and spiritual words helped me to focus on your mantra: "I open myself fully to give and receive love..." In fact, I still recite those words to myself everyday.
I feel GREAT!  I think I feel better than I ever have in my life!  Jim, NYC

I feel so much better because I just got a spinal adjustment.  Silane, Boise, ID
Aloha Calley,

I know I already wrote you a testimony a year ago but I'll do it again.

Your "elixir flow" workout on the beach under the trees that you tend is just that--an easy, continuous progression of motion that delights the body and makes it flow with ease. It is a delicious medicine for the body as well as the soul.
I so appreciate your divinely-inspired words of wisdom that flow through your loving, goddess voice.You set a joyous example of how to enjoy taking care of our bodies. Thank you thank you thank you.

Barbara Moore
Honaunau (one hour drive from Waikaloa!)
THAT was Amazing!  That was the best yoga class I ever had and I loved your dialogue throughout.

Marissa, Physical Therapist
Mountain Vieew
That was so beautiful and so calming. (and from a doctor who was practicing, “And you look completely different than when you started. You look like you lost so much tension in your system!

Marianne and Laura
December 8, 2015

That was fantastic! That was exactly what I was looking for! You were channeling that! I feel great! Thank you, and yes, I want your Full Body Elixir DVD and CD.

Ontario, Canada

Dear Calley,

Thank you so much for all you have done not only for me, but for countless others! You have blessed multitudes with your kindness and your caring ways through your yoga practice. My body and mind are once again renewed. Thank you for allowing God’s love to radiate through you to each of us who have been blessed to share your practice.

Much love,
Anise Catlett
W. Virginia
February 11, 2016
This really speaks to me! I feel so much better,

Ann Arbor, Michigan
Feb, 2016

After your class the chronic painful ball of tightness in my neck was 80% gone! Then I had a wonderful massage and it was 100% gone. I actually have had two days without pain for the first time in my adult life. That was amazing, and that’s why I am back. I don’t want that to come back. I will follow up with the DVD and take the magnesium.

Arizona and Michigan
Feb 13, 2016

That is the best yoga class I have ever had!

BC, Canada
Feb 11, 2016


Thank you for the opportunity to spend one wonderful session with you on the Lava Lava beach.  What a beautiful lady with such a deep spirit!

I look forward to experiencing a bit of your spirit through your CD and tape.  We come to Hawaii every year.  Next year I plan to take advantage of your classes numerous times.

May you continue to be blessed and a blessing for many.  Mahalo!  
Susan Smith
Bellingham, WA
Feb, 2016

Thank you so much, Calley, for all you have done not only for me but for  countless others.  You have blessed multitudes with your kindness and your caring ways through your yoga practice.  My body and mind are once again renewed.

Thank you for allowing God's love to radiate throgh you to each of us who have been blessed to share your  practice.

Much love,
West Virginia
Feb, 2016

Meeting you and practicing on the beach with you was one of the highlights of our vacation. 

San Francisco
October, 2016
I came with a lot of aches and pains. During that last restorative pose, my hip hurt so much that I couldn’t stand it and just when I was going to move, my hip completely released and the pain that I have had in my hip and knee disappeared. I am so grateful for that. What a relief. I will be back Thursday!

July 5, 2016

Thanks so much for making my stay in Hawai’i even more memorable. I am excited to start my 90 day challenge now that I am home,

You are a very very wise woman. Every time I come here, I learn so very much. What you say really strikes me. I really have some work to do to clear some old negative thinking !
Yakama, Washington
Hello Calley,

Yes, please, send my CD and DVD to my home.

I'm not sure if you remember me. We met last month during your class at Lava Lava. I was with my sister Lisa and my sister-in-law Linda. 

I am sleeping again! Thanks to you and your recommendation of the Rainbow calcium and magnesium plus.  

Wishing you a wonderful evening.
Hi Calley,
Thank you! I have received the Full Body Elixer DVDs.  I am happy to say I just enjoyed the fast elixir session with you!  I couldn't wait until the morning!!!   Have a wonderful weekend.
Hi Calley:

Damon and I took your yoga on the beach class in late January. We bought the DVD and took your challenge to practice every day for three months.  
Honestly we did 6 out of 7 days each week. 
It has been amazing!!  
We continue to practice and feel wonderful! Thank you!!!

We supported your Kickstarter campaign today. We are very excited for your fabulous opportunity! Congratulations!!

Love from Minnesota,
Susan and Damon Bay
August 25, 2016
Hi Calley.

I've sorely missed your yoga classes at Lava Lava and wished to explain…. I'll look forward to returning later this month. If events hadn't been so demanding, I'd have contacted you sooner because it has been on my mind.

 I'd made remarkable progress under your direction and I share my observation with everyone who has a similar interest. 

I'll look forward to seeing you soon. Meantime, I'll try to raise as much of your imagery as I can in my consciousness. 

February 14, 2016 Hawai’i Resident

Thank you so much, Calley! You have so profoundly influenced me that now I can't imagine where my life would have gone without you. This has helped me so much. And today, I had a profound insight during the practice

Soonalynn Jacobs
Santa Fe, NM
March, 2017

This is just what I need.
Essex, England
October 4, 2016

I can actually feel the essence of Hawai’i. That was amazing. It was perfect. We will be back Thursday!
Essex, England
October 4, 2016

Dear Calley,

Thank you for another wonderful winter practicing yoga with you on the beach. I will miss you so very much. Never forget that even though we’re far away, you’re always close to my heart.  

You are simply the best yoga teacher I’ve ever had. You affect so many people so positively, you don’t even know in how many ways. After practicing with you for two months, I feel completely different. My aches and pains are all but gone and I feel so wonderful. I don’t want to leave and I can’t wait til I return!!!

May God watch over you always,

Anise Catlett
West Virginian
March 21, 2018

Calley’s note: Anise has been coming to practice THE FULL BODY ELIXIR for 15 years for two or so months each year, three times a week, without ever missing a class. She is filled with gratitude for life and her presence the rest of the year is dearly missed.
Aloha Calley!  
We landed back in Chicago at 5am this morning. We had a really wonderful 10 days on the Big Island and you and Nancy were a big part of what made our (my) visit so special. Your presence in my life is such a gift and your friendship and energy is something I cherish and hold in my heart all year - until I get to see you over Spring Break every year! Seeing you always bring up memories our wedding at The Orchid 13 yrs ago, and the birth of each child (Chris strolling up and down the beach path with each baby while I would be with you for yoga!). You have been with me through shoulder surgery, breaking my L1 last year, etc. Although I only see you once or twice a year, you have become like a close, old friend - we seem to be able to pick up and connect where we left off year after year!

Thank you for being so generous with your gift of open heart and the ability to bring healing, physically and mentally to so many! I was a bundle of stress when I landed on island on March 23. My true spirit was hidden away under so much heavy thoughts and heart that I couldn’t relax - even in Hawaii! But after seeing you twice, I started to breathe bigger and could feel the toxins leaving my body and mind. Thank you for introducing me to Nancy. She was phenomenal! I had all kinds of aches and pains that I thought were physical, but after a session with her, so much of my discomfort went away - now I think it was stress related. Please let her know I am also grateful to her.

10 days later, I am back to my happy and “get excited about every little thing” self and feel much calmer. I’m not happy to be back in cold Chicago (!) but I will try to keep the aloha spirit going for as long as I can until our return!

Thank you for all that you do and all that you are! I am grateful for your presence in my life and for your continued friendship.

Sending you love and happy thoughts! Yuki Hartman
That felt so great while I was doing the practice and it feels great now too!

I loved it.

I would love to learn Lucid Dreaming, so thank you for telling me about your and Noa’s Breitenbush Hotsprings Retreat.

20 years old
April 11, 2017

Thanks for following up Calley. 

You did send the full order of THE FULL BODY ELIXIR DVD and meditation CD and I've been doing the short yoga elixir almost every day. 

It's a great program that has helped pretty immediately with my knee pain, which has been a good motivation to keep going with it.  

You mentioned you might be doing a program in the San Francisco Bay area sometime this year. Let me know if you do as I would be interested in attending. 

San Francisco, CA
April 11, 2017


Words cannot express how special you are! 
Such a gift to see you on sat and looking forward to Tues. 
Seeing Nancy tomorrow for a massage. Thank you for connecting us.

See you soon. 

Xoxo, Yuki Hartman
March 28, 2017

Calley, that was an amazing practice. I am so glad my mom insisted I come! I feel as if I just had the most wonderful massage.

Thank you so much,

March 14, 2016
(Letter sent to West Hawaii Today, our local newspaper)

I just wanted to reach out to be sure that your readers knew about an amazing resource they have in Calley O'Neil and her "Full Body Elixir." Your readers have the opportunity every week to practice with her. Our family is currently trying to see if we can relocate to the Big Island, but for now I can only do her DVD!

Upon my return from the Big Island in September this year I was diagnosed with a life-long chronic medical condition. I was told that I was no longer able to "physically exert" myself. When I get overheated from physical exhaustion during exercise I am at risk of going into shock. Before my diagnosis I was at the gym pretty much every day. I was running 3 miles a day on an eliptical machine. I was also doing intense weight lifting 2 days a week too. 

Since October 4th I have not set foot in a gym. I have been doing the Full Body Elixir every day (except a couple of days after my bone marrow biopsy!) I am using 1.5 pound wrist weights and 2.5 pound ankle weights. The reality is I have maintained my weight and actually have more muscle tone than I did 2.5 months ago. None of that is as important as the peace this practice has given me.

My joints were being exposed to chronic damage from repetitive impact and strain from weights. I had actually messed my elbow up in June on this machine that did not "fit" my body. Also my knees would intermittently hurt with the eliptical machine. I knew that I should not be doing all that stuff on a daily basis, but I truly believed that was the only option to maintain my weight and stay fit. Even though I physically see the results of this practice, I still cannot believe it. How can something that is able to regenerate my spirit and relax me also keep me fit? Honestly I think it is just magical.

I realize that this sounds kind of like an infomercial, but I am so grateful to have found this practice on your beautiful island. I asked Calley how I could best share my story with others in the hope that it can change their lives as it has changed mine and she passed on your e-mail to me.


Lisa A. Snider, MD
Newport Beach, California

Lisa Snider.

Aloha Calley,

This is Teresa from your Flowing Yoga class (the one who lost her son).

I just arrived back in Seattle a couple of hours ago and am at my daughter Tamara's house until tomorrow, when I will drive back to my home in Coeur d' Alene, Idaho.

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your class and the love you shared with me there. I feel that it was a true "healing" for me in many ways: at least it got me moving in a new direction physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I can't believe how much better I feel in all those capacities after just a week. I worked at doing the moves as best I could on the days we were not at your class, and it has made a big difference in this seized up body of mine. I even think I lost a few pounds.

My intention is to come to your retreat in Oregon, if I am able to leave my work on that Thursday and Friday. I will find out tomorrow, and hopefully be registering in the next couple of days.  

Again, thank you for your love and care. I will never forget you and what you did for me.

Have a wonderful day,

Terri (Teresa) O'Connell
Oh my gosh is this really Calley?!

I love your video! It is a borrowed one from a friend!

I will do the 90 day challenge- yes!

Muchas gracias a usted Calley..

May 3, 2017
I felt so good all day after the practice the other day, I had to come back. I felt better, taller, lighter and - I just felt good all day. Thank you so much.

Victoria BC Canada
May 9, 2017

I felt Zen for two days after that practice, and my knee feels almost normal, which is amazing!
So I am here in gratitude and appreciation.

Victoria BC Canada
May 9, 2017

This is Calley! I went on two 8 mile hikes this week, and I feel amazing. One was up four miles and then down four miles. The other 8,5 miles was up and down the whole way, both on uneven terrain. Even though I haven’t been hiking of late, my ankles, knees, legs feel great. While I did take a hot Epsom Salt bath and rub in magnesium several times afterward (The Queen of Magnesium!) I attribute feeling so great to THE FULL BODY ELIXIR, and strengthening my legs and joints everyday. YAY!!!!

Calley O’Neill
May 9, 2017
June 18, 2016
I missed you these last couple of years, and I am so glad I found you.  
THAT was so wonderful. I can feel Hawai’i that in just a few days and practices Hawai’i has healed my aches and pains. I feel so much better, and my son, who practiced Tuesday thought the practice was very interesting. I think now he will get into yoga.

Thank you!

Palo Alto, CA
Good afternoon Calley: It was so great to meet you and to be able to attend one of your classes, true enlightenment.  

We are very grateful.  

Thanks so much,
Van and Loretta
W. Canada
Sept 30, 2016
That was AWESOME!  I'll be back, and I'm coming to the retreat...  Now I'm so sorry I didn't come on Tuesday.

Gail, Nebraska, Nov 2017
This is my gift to myself on my 65th birthday, and I feel better than I have during my entire vacation! I'm sorry I didn't make it on Tuesday, but I'm definitely coming to the retreat.  

May I purchase the DVD now?

Adie, Las Vegas

Calley, that was wonderful. I feel so good. I’m happy I found this. I’m leaving for Maui Saturday or I would come back!

Los Angeles, CA
August 17, 2017
Thank you so much, Calley.. I wish I had met you 40 years ago! I'm 61, and it would have made a really big difference. These private classes have really made my time here much richer. I am so happy that I met you.

Dawn, Manatoba, Canada Jan, 2018

Wow!  Thank you so much, Calley!  My headache is gone!

Anita - Calgary, Alberta Canada 
January, 2018

I really like your practice a lot.  I never did feel comfortable in the other classes I went to, and they hurt sometimes.

Ian - Calgary, Alberta Canada
January 2018

Thank you so much!  That feels wonderful -- especially that move  where we're bending over in the rag doll swing.  My whole back feels so much longer and looser.  Thank you!

Heather - Calgary, Alberta Canada
January 2018

​Hi Calley, 

I am not sure if you remember me but my wife Christie and I took your yoga classes when we visited Hawaii a few years ago, and have never forgotten you or your wonderful teaching! We will be back again from January 17-February 3 so we will both be at your classes as often as possible and looking forward to it!

Jane and Christie
What a magical yoga morning…rainbows,…whales…sun...mist…bonus (green sea turtles)…more rainbows!!!

Sandi Playsted
Victoria, BC
February 15, 2018

That was heaven! I have never taken any class like that before! I really enjoyed it soooo much. I feel so much better.

February 27, 2018
#1 Realization

Being Taken
from my fathers embrace
At four
Was not my fault

I did not do anything

His love
Was never withdrawn
Only his physical

I am worthy

#2 Gratitude

Thank you
Mother Earth
Mo ah ha ke ai ue
For taking
My sorrows
Into you.

They are now
Into love
Transformed by
For my breath
For my body
I am held 
In the All Good.

#3. Recognition

I am 
My own universe
Every cell
My child.
Forgive me
For all the ways
I fail

I am always
Doing my best
Each day.

Each day 
More and more
Order is revealed
As I am.

#4. Release

In my throat
Blue tears

I give them
To you ocean
I give them 
To you whale,
Shark, gliding fishes

Accept my tears
Rising out
On the tides
They flow.

I am well.​

Poetry inspired by “Full Body Elixir” Yoga with Calley O’Neil.  1.18.2018, written by Christie Hartwick
Calley… today I felt my jaw and my face unlock. I have been getting different releases throughout my body every class. My face relaxed. (and she looks younger and way more peaceful). I am going to practice this at home. I want to get healthier.

April 24, 2018
Fairbanks, Alaska

Each time I laid on the ground, I literally felt the Earth, the sand, pulling tension right out of my back. I felt myself unwind. That feels so good. I felt the tightness loosening up. 

April 24, 2018
Fairbanks, Alaska

I came to relax, and I feel so much better…so much less tight. Thank you so mucH!!!

New York City
December 26, 2017

Aloha Ms. ONeill, 

Greetings from Ken Gonzales....the noisy participant nearby your Yoga lesson last Saturday morning.
It was such a beautiful day, but I had been carrying some very deep emotional burdens and looked forward to the ocean and canoe race as therapy.

Your sincere nature drew me in to joining the group and I would just like to thank you for what and how you shared your demo and techniques.   It was a meaningful experience, as well as a perfect warm up, for an aging paddler.

Funny enough, I did collect your card from under the rock where it had been put for safe keeping, then I misplaced it later and thought I had lost your contact info and then your class info and contact information found their way back to me. 

Have a wonderful day and thank you for the spiritual uplift just when I needed it most...


I am so moved and touched by your wisdom and your healing presence. MAHALO!
I love it when Beings are put together in the same space in order to recognize something in themselves, as well as to acknowledge kinship and resonance.

Please let me know an evening next week that I might take you to dinner! 

I’m eating very cleanly and simply since being here — I’ve been only doing fruit and veggies this week, but will start adding protein/fish in the next couple of days.

i feel so blessed to have made this connection with you!

San Francisco
September, 2018
I am honored that our friend Oliver (85) walks over to us after every class.  He says...

“Your hugs are a Full Body Elixir. When you give me a hug I know I am alive!”

Mahalo, Oliver!
After riding his bike 1,900 miles around New Zealand, Jack from Michigan shares:

"That was exactly what I needed on my way home.  It was my first yoga class in a year and a half and it was wonderful!!!!"
June 18, 2016
Thank you Calley!
I can't wait to practice! During all seasons except summertime, I take a couple of Yoga classes a week (sometimes I sub a Yogalaties class), but in the summer, I teach so much water fitness that I don't make it to Yoga. This will be my treat to myself! We rent a lake cottage in northern Wisconsin every summer & they have a VHS tape player, so I always have taken your Instar Full Body Elixir tape with me & do it there!!  
I love hearing your soothing voice & seeing you practice on the beach - it takes me back to when I was able to be there with you!

Marlene, Wisconsin
I'm recovering from cancer treatments (multiple surgeries & chemo) and wanted to reconnect with holistic healing protocols since conventional treatments weren't working. 

Calley's FULL BODY ELIXIR program combines Qi Jong, flowing yoga, and a deep, rhythmic breathing technique on a breathtaking segment of beachfront property! We experienced the freshest wind, water, and earth, while allowing our inner energy to flow freely throughout our bodies. Her techniques teach us how to free up areas that may be blocked by pain, stress, or unpleasant memories. 

Along with a variety of muscle issues and scar tissue, I've had a total blockage/inflammation of the right ear for 11 days that had not responded to ear drops. Within ONE HOUR of Calley's class, my ear equalized back to normal!! And my muscles were much more fluid and energized---I was actually able to jog back to my car! 

THANK YOU, Calley!

I feel so good! What you say always resonates with me…today, what is sticking with me is that vision of beautiful crystals inside joints that can be dissolved into that golden elixir as I move. I am holding that vision.

Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin

I feel wonderful. You know, the last time I came, that night I felt so deeply peaceful. I look forward to this peace tonight.

Waikoloa, HI

Hi Calley

I know you meet so many people that you may not remember me. [Calley does!] I am the “political woman” who met you when my husband got pneumonia and wound up in the hospital for a week or more several years ago. You and your friends were so supportive and loving that I not only have not forgotten you all, but have missed you terribly. All of you left such a warm and happy feeling in my heart, I cry just thinking about it.  

We have missed the island so much and all our friends there especially you.  

So I will be at your class on next Tuesday and very much look forward to being with you again.

I send my love and again appreciation or how much you have added to my life, I know everyone always says “can’t wait to see you” etc. etc. but this time I REALLY mean it!

Carol Mayer Marshall

Aloha Calley!

I just want you to know that I am using Full Body Elixir practice and every time I “see you” on the screen, with the mother ocean behind you, it brings such comfort and light to me.

THANK YOU for all you do.

Much gratitude, happy holiday season and many blessings to you dear one.

  Redwing Kaiaser
Calley responds:
March 23, 2019. MAHALO. MAHALO. MAHALO. MAHALO. MAHALO!!! I am deeply moved by this. This is wonderful news! This is everything I long for and all that I know this practice is capable of activating! I am thrilled beyond words, and as you practice, your healing will deepen. You are the medicine your body has been waiting for. SO MUCH LOVE and GRATITUDE!

Hi Calley,

Just wanted to say thank you for the most amazing yoga class ever! I look forward to staying in touch and planning to do the retreat in Oregon with you next year. Also if you do another day in the Bay Area, please do let me know :)

I just completed a Yelp review: 

Thank you again for sharing your gift! I am so grateful to have met you! Wishing you all the best and looking forward to staying connected,
June 22, 2019
This is the most amazing yoga experience! Calley integrates yoga movements with Qi gong, energy work, and meditation to create a beautiful flow. Having the class on the beach under the shade of the beautiful trees adds to the magic of the experience. Calley herself is caring, loving, and so knowledgeable and she shares her knowledge about the body while teaching the class. She is an amazing teacher and warm, beautiful person. Truly a transformative experience!

Los Angeles, CA
June 20, 2019
"Mahalo, mahalo, mahalo! You have really enhanced our vacation greatly."
Rebecca, Tom and Maureen, East Bay, CA 
October 29, 2019

Calley, thank you more than words! Welcome in to my Heart and home! This morning, Jurney and I practiced with you in our respective homes (CO and KS:-)! Wonderful, it/you and Jurn are...🌟🌟🌟
Namaste and Peace.
P.S. I will not email you each of my starting 90-days😘🌊✨
Jan 11, 2020

Hi Calley,
I hope you’re doing great, I see and admire your positive messages. I took yoga with you in March2012 in Kona. Never forget the amazing feeling.

I live in Canada and planning to take a yoga and meditation trip in 3 years hopefully to an Asian destination. Is there any place that you recommend or anyone I should follow that you recommend?

Leila Ebrahimpoor
Hi Calley!

While you may no longer have any idea who this is - I am writing to remind you of all the love and joy you bring to my life - and I trust to all of those who know you. 

I think of you and the fabulous elixir (which I also do) a lot! It brings me joy and when I close my eyes I pretend I’m back on the sand in Hawaii. 

Congrats on your airport project coming to life and thank you for being you!!

Big hugs - 

I have loved Callie's classes for over 20 years and it is the highlight of my trips to Hawaii, paradise in paradise. I always have made it a point to not only get to the Big Island but to stray in the hotel closest to Callie's classes so I could participate as often as possible. I have been doing yoga for decades and there is nothing that even comes close. The peace and relaxation obtained is indescribable. Callie IS yoga.

An enthusiastic support from Stockton
That was so very wonderful.  I'm so glad that I found you during my last few days in Hawaii.  Thank you so much!
9/23/2021 - Suzanne, California
Off to yoga, and I shared some of your kind body moves with my exercise class yesterday!

They were impressed that one could be so kind and actually therapeutic to oneself....thank you again for sharig your mastery. 

Much love,

That was incredible!  That was my favorite part of our vacation!
New Orleans, Nov, 2021
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Thank you for so many insights and your profound wisdom that you share so readily with all you touch and see.
much love,

Jan 4 2022
Santa Cruz
Calley,  Thanks so much for class yesterday!  You helped my whole body to feel more fluid, flexible and connected.
You are so wonderful. 
You talked about so many fantastic things today, I tried to write them all down but I couldn’t keep up.
Is there anyway that I can have the recording from today or is there a way that I can rent it? I’d like to be able to do some further thinking about the concepts you talked about. 

Let me know
Thank you very much
See you soon

I have been able to make changes lately in my thinking and emotional life and doing Qi Gong with you has been crucial for allowing the openness for these changes to occur. I am so grateful that you were born. Thank you for sharing your life, energy, thoughts and practice with others. 

See you soon (on Zoom).
Have a good day
Calley:  "Kathy, you are looking beter and better and more and more happy, peaceful and healthy!

Kathy:  (pointing). "It's all because of YOU!  It's all because of you!.

Kathy Keck
Bend, Oregon, 
Waikoloa, Hawaii
I so deeply appreciate this practice, and all that you have said and taught us. The knowledge you shared. I knew that I was looking for some thing in Hawai’i and this is exactly what I was looking for. I just didn’t know it. I’m so glad I found this before I go home. 

San Diego
Hello Calley,

The package arrived yesterday and in the evening I scheduled my private "spa" time and did the Full Body Elixir.
It was wonderful being able to see - and do - it again. Of course I had remembered and incorporated some moves into my normal routine over the years but I also had forgotten several that are now "new" old friends.
It was like taking a mini-vacation to Hawaii, rejuvenating and refreshing.  

I also listened to the first segment of the meditation cd and it was very well done. I especially enjoyed the
lovely music. I often find music distracting but this music facilitated the meditation nicely.

I'm so happy to hear that you're still living and practicing and offering classes in Hawaii. I would love to take your morning class but for me in Florida (EST) it is not a good time of day. I work part time and then do volunteer work and that mostly happens in the afternoon. If you ever have videos of the classes that would be accessible or another installment of the Elixir, please let me know. Who knows? Maybe I will be fortunate enough to be able to visit Hawaii again.

With joy and gratitude,