Are you willing to invest one minute a day for every hour of your day to enjoy radiant health and peace of mind?  Just 24 minutes.  What if practicing 24 minutes every day gives you 24 years of youthful vitality and health at the end of your life?  

THE FULL BODY ELIXIR is a fun and simple daily practice accessible for everyone.  It is perfect for beginners.  This practice opens and activates compassion healing within on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.  A whole range of positive physical and emotional processes are set into motion.  A new biochemistry is activated within and becomes operational in your system through repetition.

      Relationship obstacles can dissolve.    Perhaps the most wondrous hidden blessing of this daily practice is this: as our consciousness changes, so do our relationships.  In just a few weeks of regular practice, a change in consciousness begins to take place resulting in highly beneficial changes in one's life.  Relationships begin to evolve and heal beyond old, painful and repetitive patterns.  As we take care of ourselves physically, we shift on a deep cellular level and our neediness and grasping for attention from others slowly dissolves back home into the original love and harmony of the relationship.

An unsolicited review of 
Calley's Full Body Elixir:

This is very special and unique-- as you are my dear!  I have heard and created many meditation tapes:  from Deepak Chopra to Anthony de Mello, from Joseph Campbell to Eckhart Tolle -- and you have hit a bull's eye!  

For over 30 years I hosted a number of spiritual TV programs in the Bay Area.  I wish now that I still had one of those shows and could invite you to come on as my guest -- not just to talk about the journey -- but to take us on it!  As a spiritual coach or director or help us find our journey -- and our way home!

Father Miles O'B.Riley, Ph.D.
Half Moon Bay, CA

The Full Body Elixir comes with a 40-page booklet describing the most effective practices and habits Calley has learned thus far in life.

This practice session DVD is divided into the 24-minute Fast Elixir and the 108-minute Full Elixir, allowing you to choose the amount of time you spend on your daily yoga session.  You can practice the fast form on busy mornings and enjoy the longer practice on more relaxed ones.

Filmed on the beach and narrated by Calley, this practice allows you to tap into the idyllic setting of a beautiful Hawaiian beach to start your day.

Calley opens the session with a Hawaiian chant and the blowing of the conch shell to clear the mind, heart and space for your sacred morning ritual.

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