Breitenbush Hot Springs Retreat
Calley O'Neill 

Featuring The Full Body Elixir, The Five Tibetans Fountain of Youth
& Mandala Journey Studio Art Classes

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Calley O’Neill is an effervescent inspirational yoga teacher and acclaimed conservation, cultural and mural artist in Hawai’i Island, who has practiced The Full Body Elixir daily since 1975. Teaching on the beach since 1997, Calley has helped literally thousands of students out of stress and pain. Her students return again and again.

​For the yoga practice, we will be in the River Yurt, with Calley's stained glass skylight above. The River Yurt only holds 15 people, so this workshop will fill quickly. Please be one of them.  Cost of the retreat is $425 ($375 if paid by May 25) plus lodging at Breitenbush.

To Register, please call Breitenbush Hot Springs at (503) 854-3320.
A Round-the-Clock Retreat Experience

8 - 9 am  Sumptuous organic vegetarian breakfast at the historic lodge

9 -12:15  The Full Body Elixir and The Five Tibetans, Fountain of Youth

12:30  Abundant, exquisite lunch

2 - 3:30 Mandala Art  Class

3:30 - 6  Free time for hot springs, steam sauna, hiking, massage, napping.

6 pm:  Dinner (All meals taken together)

7 pm  Free time, or Breitenbush program, concert, or dance, or dream visualization

9 or 10  Pools and Dreamtime!

Come immerse yourself in The Full Body Elixir, The Five Tibetans Fountain of Youth, and the art of Mandala drawing. (Mandala tab at The Full Body Elixir is a rejuvenating, joyous moving meditation ~ a slow-flow integration of yoga, qigong, deep breathing, tapping, isometrics, and positive mind. It cleans your neural network to re-program your thinking. It recharges your immune system and strengthens your body. Everyone can learn this.

Calley will also teach you how to draw beautiful Mandalas in Prismacolor colored pencils on black acid-free cardstock. Transform your days and take back your creativity! This practice dissolves stress, pain, and resistance, transforming it into vitality. The cumulative effect of practicing The Elixir regularly is inner peace, joy and vigor!

Pictured here is one of Breitenbush's pure mineral-rich healing hot springs pools.  These pools are cleaned after every meal throughout the day.
RESTORATION OF HEALTH  Mandala drawing in Prismacolor pencils by Calley O’Neill.  This mandala expresses our human mind potential to transform our health by what we think, how we breathe and just how we want to be our bodies.  Click to enlarge.  Other mandalas by Calley O'Neill can be found on her website at
LUCID DREAM FLIGHT  Mandala drawing in Prismacolor pencils by Calley O’Neill.  This nighttime/dreamtime mandala expresses lucid flight in dreaming.  Everything is possible in lucid dreaming.  One can fly, dive, run, float, travel, adventure, heal, and gain direct inspiration from Being for creativity and problem solving.  Lucid dreaming is the ultimate journey.  Calley’s son, Noa Eads teaches Lucid Dreaming in their annual retreats.  Click to enlarge.  More of Calley's mandalas can be found on her art site at
Thur, June 24 - Sun, June 27, 
Watch these interviews with Calley -  this is the first of five recorded in Summer 2019 - all relevant to the ongoing practice of The Full Body Elixir


Practice of THE FULL BODY ELIXIR may be hazardous to your stress.

  Daily practice of this complete yoga system may be addicting.  

Youthful vitality and happiness will surely result.

If you mention this little guy to Calley (especially in class!)  You get a free Full Body Elixir DVD!
Dear Calley,

I had such a great time at Breitenbush at the retreat! Thanks for all the time and effort you put forth to make everything about the retreat so special.

I would love to talk about joining forces for future events!

New Jersey

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