Breitenbush Hot Springs Retreat
Calley O'Neill and Noa Eads

Featuring The Full Body Elixir, The Five Tibetans Fountain of Youth
& Lucid Dreaming

Breitenbush Hot Springs

For more information Email: [email protected]
or call Calley at (808) 885-0609

Please visit Calley O’Neill’s online art gallery at

and, especially her life’s passion and magnum opus, The Rama Exhibition, in a leading edge collaboration with Rama, the famous artist elephant who paints.

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 Your hiking and dream guide, Noa and his mom, teacher and conservation artist Calley O’Neill 

Calley O’Neill is an inspirational dynamic yoga teacher and visionary conservation artist in Hawai’i who has practiced yoga daily since 1975. Calley has studied with well-known yoga and qigong teachers, with a focus in the Diamond Logos work and spiritual and psychological integration. Calley has been teaching yoga and meditation on the Kohala Coast on the Big Island since 1997, helping literally thousands of students out of stress, negativity and pain, and into a positive, healthy energetic flow.

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Calley and Noa are teaching a Full Body Elixir/Lucid Dreaming Retreat at Breitenbush Hot Springs in Detroit, Oregon during the Fourth of July weekend. Breitenbush is one of Calley’s favorite places on Earth, and surely one of the very best hot springs and healing spots in the world.  

Noa Eads leads a lucid-dreaming retreat that will guide you into the exciting unknown, and help you experience the amazing benefits of lucid dreaming.
Calley is thrilled to announce that joining her for the third year is her son, Noa, an avid lucid dreamer. Lucid dreamers realize in their dreams that they are dreaming. Noa will describe the practice and immense benefits of lucid dreaming and share his experience, teaching you the necessary skills for developing lucidity in both waking and dreaming life. 

Come learn the tools to transform your days, and take back your nights! 

Enjoy Noa's afternoon guided hikes, pure hot springs, sparkling cold river, and delicious organic, vegetarian food.
Noa, Calley's 21 year-old son, is a drummer, oneironaut (a person who explores the world of dreaming, especially lucid dreaming) artist and UH Senior in Tropical Plant Science. He has been seriously exploring the world of lucid dreaming for nearly 6 years. 

For the yoga practice, we will be in the River Yurt, with Calley's stained glass skylight above. The River Yurt only holds 15 people, so this workshop will fill quickly. Please be one of them.  Cost of the retreat is $385 ($325 if paid by June 1) plus lodging at Breitenbush.

To Register, please call Breitenbush Hot Springs at (503) 854-3320.
A Round-the-Clock Retreat Experience

8 - 9 am  Sumptuous organic vegetarian breakfast at the historic lodge

9 -12:15  The Full Body Elixir and The Five Tibetans, Fountain of Youth

12:30  Abundant, exquisite lunch

2 - 3:30  Lucid Dreaming Workshop

3:30 - 6  Free time for hot springs, steam sauna, hiking, massage, napping.

6 pm:  Dinner (All meals taken together)

7 pm  Free time, or Breitenbush program, concert, or dance, or dream visualization

9 or 10  Pools and Dreamtime!
Come practice THE FULL BODY ELIXIR and THE FIVE TIBETANS, a rejuvenating moving meditation and Fountain of Youth. The Full Body Elixir is a fun, slow flow integration of yoga, qigong, deep breathing, tapping, isometric engagement, guided meditation and pure mind. THE FULL BODY ELIXIR cleans your neural network, recharges your immune system and reinvigorates your body.  

Pictured here is one of Breitenbush's pure mineral-rich healing hot springs pools.  These pools are cleaned after every meal throughout the day.
RESTORATION OF HEALTH  Mandala drawing in Prismacolor pencils by Calley O’Neill.  This mandala expresses our human mind potential to transform our health by what we think, how we breathe and just how we want to be our bodies.  Click to enlarge.  Other mandalas by Calley O'Neill can be found on her website at
LUCID DREAM FLIGHT  Mandala drawing in Prismacolor pencils by Calley O’Neill.  This nighttime/dreamtime mandala expresses lucid flight in dreaming.  Everything is possible in lucid dreaming.  One can fly, dive, run, float, travel, adventure, heal, and gain direct inspiration from Being for creativity and problem solving.  Lucid dreaming is the ultimate journey.  Calley’s son, Noa Eads teaches Lucid Dreaming in their annual retreats.  Click to enlarge.  More of Calley's mandalas can be found on her art site at
THE RAMA EXHIBITION  has been selected to premiere at the IUCN World Conservation Congress 
in Honolulu Sept, 2016
June 29-July 2, 2017