$20/ 90 minutes        $75/ 4 class card        $110 6 class card
Cards do not expire ~ feel free to share classes with your family and friends.

Beginners welcome!    All ages.   
No experience needed.  
Please bring a beach towel, a friend, and water.

THE FULL BODY ELIXIR is a joyous moving meditation ~ a potent fusion of yoga and meditation with the benefits of both. THE FULL BODY ELIXIR is a highly effective integration of yoga, qigong, and deep rhythmic breathing for healing the body/mind. When you breathe deeply and coordinate your breathing precisely with your movement, you immediately connect the mind into the body. When you practice meditation in movement, you can easily take the practice into your daily work and activities.

THE FULL BODY ELIXIR is a daily practice of mindful presence, open awareness, silence and sensation. It is compassionate and highly therapeutic, perfect for those with spinal challenges, stress, or health issues. The practice integrates super brain and vision yoga, acu-yoga, core engagement and clearing of the mind. It is a potent tonic for relieving chronic pain and enhancing youthful vitality, flexibility, and inner peace through active creation of a new neural network.  

THE FULL BODY ELIXIR rejuvenates the body through unifying breath and movement, mind and awareness, silence and nature.   The really good news is ~ practiced daily, it works!
We don't rise to the level of our expectations, 
we fall to the level of our training.
 Archilochos, Greek lyric poet

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