$20/ 90 minutes  $65/4 class card   $100/6 class card
Cards do not expire ~ Feel free to share classes and treat your family and friends. 
Children under 10 free - or welcome to hang out!

Beginners welcome!    All ages.   
No experience needed.  No reservations required.
Please bring a beach towel, a friend and water.


Meeting ID:  175-498-413
CODE: 906127
Dear Calley,

Thank you so much for the wonderful creativity workshop today! It gave me inspiration to resume a project I have been shying away from because my co-author was having a difficult time taking care of loved ones affected by COVID. However, it is a project dear to my heart - it is a research study evaluating the effectiveness of an herbal formula for pain relief that has wonderful botanicals in it: CBD, turmeric, poppy, ashwagandha, rhodiola, black pepper. 

Your presence is always such an inspiration to me and I wanted to let you know and say, once again, thank you!!! 

I’m so grateful to have met you! I was thinking while practicing today, trying to catch my breath sometimes, how amazing it is that you can do the practice and speak and think at the same time, never being out of breath. 

You are amazing and so inspiring! Mahalo!

Sending you lots of love from California and hoping to be able to practice with you again soon in person, at the Lava Lava beach club!


Hi Calley!
LOVED the class. Hoping to join both days next week,

Hi Calley
It was so great to see you this morning...it made my heart sing❣️ Your class was so helpful and helped me relax for the coming week.

Aloha Calley,

We are both benefiting from your help so John and I will share our 10 card!
Thanks and mahalo,

An amazing Practice! Thank you so much - when I looked at myself in the mirror afterward I looked younger. You are a miracle worker.

Did I hear there would be a recording? Would love to have it.

Can’t wait till Thursday! It was so good to be with you and experience your energy. Will see you in August with George. I’m coming!

I ended the class feeling like a new woman! This is my favorite part of every week.
I am thrilled to be getting the amazing class!

I do appreciate you and all your efforts to help us breath and to keep us connected!

Aloha! Connie

Calley, Redwing here. You are such a beautiful and healing presence on this planet. Mahalo!

Thank you!!! It was absolutely REMARKABLE and helped me shift to a healthier attitude and response. Thank you!!

The Full Body Elixir is heaven-sent :) thank you and hope you are well! Thank you so much for doing this!! 

Hi Calley,

How are you? You look fabulous, and you never age! I am SO excited that you are offering live yoga classes. I have really missed Hawaii, and your classes are so unique. I have almost worn out my DVD! 

I won't be able to join tomorrow but will register so I can take the class on Thursday. It will be great to see you!

Hi Calley,

I’m looking so forward to seeing you and doing some yoga together! It has been a few years since I did any yoga (and even then, it was a beginner’s class). I absolutely loved it - but my work/travel schedule made it impossible to stick to any schedule. If anything good is coming from this COVID19/Stay@Home order, it is that I get to focus on exploring things like YOGA that I've always wanted to pursue.  

I think it’s GREAT that you came up with a means of overcoming the quarantine and still allowing people all over the country to gather + learn. Thank you!!!
See you later!  
Take care, Donna

That was amazing! I wondered if I could forward your invitation to some friends? Let me know. XO ❤

Can’t wait!!! So happy that you are doing this, Calley! Looking forward to seeing you! ❤️

As I said this morning, Tuesday's session was awesome! A million thank yous for making this happen!    Connie 

Hi Calley

I am just loving following your inspiration. 

At very early classes I took w/you could be 20 (yikes!) or more years ago , you used to show a picture of a 90 year old woman doing a camel or similar pose ..that’s one of my goals to practice towards. ... 

Your classes have been so great (so are you)! Can’t make all of them but trying to get to as many as possible.  Thx so much for being present and a present 🎁 during this
Pandemic .  

As always you are healing people and the Earth !!!
Hope the airport mural is progressing thru all this. 

Wishing you continued wellness,


I did really enjoy The Full Body Elixir, Calley!

Thank you so much! I didn’t know what to expect but I was so pleasantly surprised! I’m going to try to join you again on Tuesday but I need to make better arrangements for my space! 

It was wonderful to meet you after all the years I have heard about you!

See you again soon! 

Calley...You are beyond inspired and connected in the most primal and essential way... your body elixir touches not only muscles, tissues, organs, cells, etc it unites soul and spirit universally. I marvel at how you can "talk straight thru 90 minutes", each session with something new, insightful, and healing for both mind and planet. And, its so
much fun and such a peaceful time !  
As I watch you, I frequently recall the photo you used to show of the 90+ year old woman doing a camel or similar pose and how much
you said that she motivated you! I picture you carrying forth her example as you concurrently beautify lives with your amazing aesthetic and exceptional multi-media artworks.  

By the way, if you haven't read "Elephant Company" you'll really enjoy it...
and also Overstory (about trees with a kind of "thriller" story line woven thru)....both authors share your passion for speaking the language of our Earth.

I actually tried to get into class today but had some weird glitch... so will come back next Thursday.

well enough kudos.... always great being with you too!

namaste/mahalo, Donna 👶💞
i can't begin to tell you how much your classes have helped me during this time.

You helped me find my center again... and with that i had the strength and clarity to move into a deep, clear space. THANK YOU! 

let me know where you are with your classes.

gracias, mahalo, and love


Mahalo,Mahalo,Mahalo......my heart is filled with love and gratitude! 

You have touched all of us profoundly who are lucky to have met you! 

Anchorage Alaska


Thanks for the FANTASTIC class today! I feel so terrific now and am deeply grateful. 

I just purchased another 5 pack and have offered a session to my friend, Naa, as a gift.

Jennifer 6.30.20


It was a wonderful class. I appreciated your forgiveness exercises and suggestions! Even more to the point was what you said about interrupting. My husband and I had argued about it just the night before. He accused me of interrupting him and I said I was just clarifying something because I was interested. So when he came into the room near the end of class I turned off the video and told him about what you said. He said he likes you, too!

Beth 6.30.20

Thank you, Calley. At almost 76 I have lots of thoughts rambling through about how life is, has been and could be. It is a reflective time…

I want you to know the impact you are having on me. Learning about Pono is so basic, but is blowing my brains! And for this Catholic (girl…cradle Catholic) to hear the Pope is your hero…well, more explosions. 

 I can’t believe my good fortune to connect with you again. My body feels better each day….mind and spirit too.

Be well. See you on Tuesday. Blessings.


THE FULL BODY ELIXIR is a joyous moving meditation and transformational daily practice.  

THE FULL BODY ELIXIR is a healing fusion of therapeutic yoga, qigong, core activation, isometrics, tapping, rhythmic rocking, deep rhythmic breathing, and fellowship.  It is an uplifting mind journey that clears negativity and casts a new neural network.

THE FULL BODY ELIXIR develops youthful vitality, flexibility, peace of mind, positivity, and happiness.  

The excellent news is, practiced daily, it works!


7:45  Talk Story
8 - 9:30 AM Hawaiian time
10 - 11:30 AM PST
1 - 2:30 PM EST

MEETING ID: 175-498-413
  CODE: 906127​

WHERE:  Your place and mine!

$60 FOR 5-PASS
$100 FOR 10-PASS

BARTER:  No one will be denied for lack of payment. Everyone has something to trade!  

PAYMENT:  VIA PayPal or Venmo

With love and aloha,

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  • Subconscious, neural plasticity, casting a new neural network
  • The Oneness ~ Nature and Ecology
  • The Heart of Hawai'i ~ Values of Aloha. one with universal spiritual truths.  
  • Health, happiness, and care of the body.

Calley teaches as a humble, respectful student, sharing as she deepens her understanding of the crucial importance of indigenous wisdom for our time.



After eye surgery and a few weeks of painful bursitis and sciatica with PT and meds, I am back to feeling strong thanks to THE FULL BODY ELIXIR and your inspiration.  

Blessings to you and many thanks.

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