Sacred Union Yoga - For Your Wedding Party
By the power vested in her by the State of Hawai’i, Calley O’Neill is celebrating 10 years of officiating custom weddings and vow renewals for guests and residents on the Big Island. Through word of mouth, people are drawn to Calley’s work for her deeply caring, light filled, one-of-a-kind custom ceremonies.

There is something that can take the ceremony to a much deeper level ~ before it begins. LOKAHI, the fundamental state of being of harmony with nature, the Divine, and Humanity.

A private SACRED UNION YOGA practice including your family, bridal party, and guests. This is the 90 – 120 minute (no, no one has ever felt it’s too long) FULL BODY ELIXIR focused on cleaning your past, opening your heart, and softening into a direct experience of loving union within your own body.  

Union…yoga…oneness…harmony… lokahi.

This is an awesome experience, especially when your ohana (extended family) participates. They do not need yoga experience, nor does anyone need to be a “yoga person”. Everyone emerges feeling relaxed, refreshed, a whole lot less tight, and in the heartbeat of Hawai’i ~ which is aloha: unconditional love expressed with great benefit in your own body temple.

TAKE A CHANCE on love… offer this as a gift to your people and your ceremony!

Wow! I was feeling so tight, as the running season just opened, and I always feel so stiff. I felt so much better and looser after the practice. I could barely believe it. Nothing hurt and I felt great!”  

Everyone was talking about how great that was, even the ones that aren’t yoga people.

Father and Mother of the Bride at Puakea Ranch Wedding, May, 2017

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Calley O'Neill  
Yoga and Meditation Classes and Private  Instruction
Phone: (808) 885-0609
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Beach options include 
  • Lava Lava Beach Club at beautiful Anaeho'omalu Bay (Waikoloa Beach Resort)
  • Holoholokai Beach Park
  • Spencer Beach 
  • Wailea Bay 
  • Hapuna Beach, or 
  • your own private setting.

Calley teaches:

  • The Full Body Elixir 
  • Stress Buster Meditation and Meditation 101
  • Vision and Memory Fitness
  • The Five Tibetans - Fountain of Youth
  • Tapping: Release and Reframe using the techniques of Energy Psychology
  • The Healing Code
  • Personal Mandalas for Healing and Meditation
  • Full Range of Art Techniques and Classes


Waimea Area: $100/hour for up to 4 people
South Kohala Coast: $185/ 90-minute session for up to 4 people
Kona Area: $225/90-minute session

LARGE GROUPS: $250/90-minute session
Calley also teaches meditation, tapping, stress busting, vision and memory fitness, ocean aerobics, pool aerobics and several different media in art.

Bringing down the cost and increasing the joy for our kama‘aina and visitors alike: You are welcome to bring up to 4 people to Calley’s private sessions.
Additional people / $20 per person.

Kama'aina - feel free to inquire about barter.