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Calley loves to share THE FULL BODY ELIXIR on the beach near the ocean in the calm and beauty of the early morning or before sunset. There are great physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual benefits to having your feet in the sand, and practicing deep rhythmic breathing in fresh air, nourished by abundant natural energy. Green Exercise (exercise under or close to large trees) and Blue Exercise (exercise near a great body of water) both bring peace to your mind, energy to your body, and harmony to your heart. At Lava Lava Beach Club, we are blessed with both!

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Calley O'Neill  
Yoga and Meditation Classes and Private  Instruction
Web: CalleyONeillYoga.com
Email: Calley@CalleyONeillYoga.com
Phone: (808) 885-0609
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Calley will be happy to arrange to meet you for one or a series of seaside practices so you can transform your vacation into a healing retreat. If you are kama'aina, you are encouraged to gather your friends for a weekly yoga session. Calley can also come to your home.

LOCATIONS:  Beach options include 
  • Lava Lava Beach Club at beautiful Anaeho'omalu Bay (Waikoloa Beach Resort)
  • Holoholokai Beach Park
  • Spencer Beach 
  • Wailea Bay 
  • Hapuna Beach, or 
  • your own private setting.  Shade and flat ground, or a carpeted indoor environment with sufficient space are the basic requirements

Calley teaches:

  • The Full Body Elixir 
  • Stress Buster Meditation and Meditation 101
  • Vision and Memory Fitness
  • The Five Tibetans - Fountain of Youth
  • Tapping: Release and Reframe using the techniques of Energy Psychology
  • The Healing Code
  • Personal Mandalas for Healing and Meditation
  • Full Range of Art Techniques and Classes

FEES:  You are welcome to bring up to 10 people to Calley's private sessions  Additioal people are $10/person per negotiation.  Calley is flexible!  (the nature of a yogi)

WAIMEA, HAMAKUA, NORTH AND SOUTH KOHALA AREAS: $200/90-minute session or $250/two hours (you will be amazed how the time flows!) Calley also does 3 hour sessions for $375.
KONA AREA: Add a $75 travel fee (2-hour round trip)

LARGE GROUPS: $250/hour
Calley also teaches meditation, tapping, stress busting, vision and memory fitness, ocean aerobics, pool aerobics and several exciting different media in art.

KAMA’AINA RATES: Calley offers kama’aina the opportunity to barter for a portion of the fee.
If you would like to call upon Calley for a private session or gather your bridal party, or friends and family for a group session, feel free to call, text, or email her directly. There is no extra charge for bringing several of your friends and family.